Tis Preparation Time for ScriptFrenzy!

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It’s that time of year again, when one attempts to write in a foreign format and finish it within thirty days, the time otherwise known as — ScriptFrenzy.

My calendar told me it was time to decide what to write. For the past few months, I keep seeing the same two characters on a stage, but no plot, no beginning, no ending, no title. That’ll do.

But when I went to click on type of script in my Writer Info box on my ScriptFrenzy page, I saw “Radio” and went hmmmm. I think my characters would be happier on radio, just their voices representing them. It’s a minimalist play. With no title. Better come up with one; it’s rather crucial for ScriptFrenzy. After ditching the first two ideas I had — they had been taken in some form or another — an original one enters my mind from who knows where. Google it. No match. Awesome.

The logline section looked intimidating. Oh, the hours I’ve sweated over a logline: a 25-word synopsis of a screenplay or play or novel or…. But it was past midnight, and I was starting to hurt. So whatever comes out of my fingertips and appears on the screen is good to go, I decided.

” A woman and a man. Husband and wife. They have come to the seven-year mark when talking to strangers is easier than with each other.”

I scrolled down towards “Submit” on the edit page and hiccuped over the Poster section. Well, why not? So I whipped up a poster using Picnik on Flickr for old times sake before it’s permanently snuffed out mid-April.

And now I could “Submit” — submit “Divorce Times Marriage” my radio play idea for ScriptFrenzy. Lord knows what I’m going to write come April 1

My Duck logo walking on my books in pink and blue shading.



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