Review: A Superior Death

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A Superior Death
A Superior Death by Nevada Barr

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book won’t leave my head. I keep feeling the coldness of a Lake Superior summer, the lushness of a temperate climate, the aliveness of the protagonist Anna Pigeon.

I’m sure I’ve read Nevada Barr before — I have memories of reading a mystery set in a desert — but this one was immersive to me, perhaps because, as a Canadian, the wild green landscape is more familiar to me.

I took this ebook out of the Toronto Public Library, and I was reluctant to turn off my eReader when something else called my attention. Even though I found it difficult to keep track of her cast of characters — the old-school method of listing characters and having maps at the front of books would’ve been handy — I found the plot, the descriptions, the mystery, and Anna Pigeon herself so compelling that being lost in who was whom didn’t stop me from reading. And eventually I would figure it out. I cannot wait to borrow the next one in the series.

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