Review: Reach Out for Your Dreams

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Reach Out for Your Dreams
Reach Out for Your Dreams by Susan Schutz

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I came across this slim volume (again) while I was reorganizing my books and sat down to look through it, as is the wont of any good reader. Underneath the title “Reach Out for Your Dreams” my English grandmother had written, “& may they all come true Shireen & all your life may you find as much pleasure and happiness as I have from reading & quoting good poetry that will always bring you soul satisfaction that will go with you wherever you go.”

I think that’s the longest dedication she ever wrote in a birthday gift to me. The year was 1981, and it was a tough one. I’d forgotten what a sharp, observant tack she was. Thirty years later, it’s like she’s speaking to me again. That’s the value of this book to me, more than any of the poems and quotations in it.

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