Review: Murder On Monday

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Murder On Monday Murder On Monday by Ann Purser
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Somebody wrote that this is British to the core. It is very British, that’s for sure. I sometimes wondered if almost stereotypically so. It was an OK read. Lots of domestic details that were I think put in not so much to move the plot forward, but to try and bury the clues in detail. However, I solved the mystery well before the end. Not good. Since my brain injury, I have not figured out whodunnit before the end, not even — until very recently and then only sporadically — in books I’ve already read. So for me to solve it meant this was an easy puzzle. This would bore the usual kind of mystery reader with no reading problems, though it may be just the right cup of tea for a person who likes an easy read.

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