Lifeliner: Chapter 20 Podcast, Chromium Deficiency and the Swedish Professor

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Lifeliner Podcast #20, Chromium and the Swedish Professor

This chapter is a story about diabetes, about how a remarkable discovery was made because of Judy, because of Jeej’s work with her. They discovered that chromium plays a vital role in diabetes. It was decades before the wider scientific and research audience started to understand the full ramifications of this discovery, but at the time it made the news. And Jeej enjoyed hugely both curing Judy’s diabetes, including her fuzzy feet, and making this ground-breaking connection between chromium and diabetes. She could eat cake again — if she still ate! In this chapter, he tells the tale to a receptive audience: the Swedish professor who conducted the first pioneering work in artificial feeding and who developed intravenous fat, the very fat Judy uses.

Chapter Twenty: Chromium Deficiency and the Swedish Professor

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