A Reading Milestone, A Memory Milestone

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Reading Agatha Christie’s Poirot. Page 84 of Murder in Mesopotamia. Reading it for umpteenth time. Not one of my favourites; I always have a sense of knowing it without remembering anything past the point of where I’m at in the book. Needless to say, I never solve the mystery (haven’t of any book, familiar or new, since before the injury).

But then a funny thing happened about 7:40 pm today as I began reading Chapter 12 on page 84: I began remembering whodunnit and the gist of how. WTH? My first vague sense of whodunnit appeared in my mind on page 74, at the discovery of the body, but suddenly on page 84, I knew, I knew the memory was coming back, like seeing Star Trek’s Scottie first appear in the transporter beam on the Dyson’s Sphere – you know it’s a man but not who. Then the memory of who becomes clearer and clearer with each sentence read, and with it the certainty that I remember right! The memory of how is limited to where but not in detail how. But that’s way more than no memory at all, which is where I was at before pages 74-84, where I always am right up to the reveal. Holy cow!

Remembering: huge milestone.

Spontaneous healing after closed head injury is like that: suddenly you can do something that the moment before you could not. And it always takes you by surprise. The fact it’s in reading is rare and amazing. Yay!

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