Changes on the Backend

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I’ve been moving and tweaking my website these last few days. A couple of months ago I became fed up with the technical ineptitude of my web host provider and decided to move. As is usual with the friendly people on the Internet, several immediately recommended various providers and gave me some tips. And as usual, I took my time in acting on that decision.

Well, I’ve made it and enacted it. And it’s finally working after a day of freaking out that my site looks like it was designed by a dunce. Suffice to say that I seem to be a better transferer of content than the web host! However, the new guys have lived up to their billing. They knew their stuff, especially the ones on the telephone (as opposed to Live Chat).

Since I had to do mega backups, I took this opportunity to install a new comment system: Disqus. I hope this will make it easier for non-techies to comment and for my site to reflect all the comments made on any given post, no matter where they’re posted, here or elsewhere like on Twitter or Facebook. Once the backend looked stable (and crossing my fingers that the cancellation process with my old web host doesn’t screw things up), I finished drafting the final posts on my Reading-with-a-brain injury series. WordPress will make them live next week.

I will be going offline on Monday for one of my computer-free weeks. So I hope that I’ve caught all the changes that need to be made by then, everything works, and the blogs I’ve been drafting and promising to post on reading will show up. I hope.

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