Lifeliner eBook listed on Barnes & Noble Website

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I’m excited to announce that the eBook version of Lifeliner is now listed on the Barnes & Noble website for the Nook. According to, Barnes & Noble “has gained 20% of the e-book market in just the last year.” On top of that, to answer the competition, they’ve reduced the prices of their Nook WiFi to $149US and their Nook 3G + WiFi to $199US. eReaders have never been so affordable. It’s the best time ever to stock up on your summer reading. The advantage of eReaders is that they hold hundreds or thousands of books. No more lugging around a stack of books. And no more having to heft large-sized bestsellers or hide pure escapist junk. No one knows what you’re reading on an eReader!

Luckily, no one would want to hide the fact that they’re reading Lifeliner. If you’ve been waiting for it to become available on the Nook or to be more affordable or just because, wait no more. Go to Barnes & Noble, order the eBook (or click here), and within seconds you’ll be reading Lifeliner. Or if you prefer your books in paperback or hard cover, Barnes & Noble stocks those formats too. And if you have another eReader and want to check out the eBook version, has every format available. Just click here.


In other news, I’ve submitted Lifeliner to Amazon DTP. Look soon for the eBook for the Kindle to be downloadable from Amazon.

If you’ve bought Lifeliner from — or Amazon or Barnes & Noble or Chapters, for that matter — I’d  be very grateful if you could take 5 minutes to write a review!

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