My NaNoWriMo Novel “She” is Done!

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It’s starting to sink in that I’ve finished, actually finished, the novel I’ve been thinking about for years, the one I started to outline back in the summer, and entered NaNoWriMo to write. I wrote it in one month, November. I hardly took a breath before I went into obsessive mode and revised it like an insane person in December. Since I have memory problems and couldn’t remember what I’d written in each chapter as I opened it — I can only remember for about a day and then it disappears into the ether — I had to work on some chapters together in one day. I cannot believe I survived those days! I sure needed acupuncture last week!

I suddenly realised I needed to weave music into it more than I had, and this week I worked on a music track for it, using YouTube and Wikipedia to help me search for and listen to Canadian artists from a broad spectrum of styles plus some of my favourite artists of all nationalities. It took me awhile to figure out; I’m sure I could’ve picked out more tracks if fatigue hadn’t called a halt to it. Next, I wanted to share the music track with my readers. Creating a YouTube playlist wasn’t too hard, but trying to figure out how to share it — oy vey! What a ToDo!!

Lastly, I mopped up the little things. I hope I caught them all, the little errors, the writerly hiccups, and big discrepancies (at least I didn’t change any characters’ genders in the middle of writing it so don’t have to worry about a “he” becoming a “she” mid-story). Well, if not, my Beta readers will see every one of them, I’m sure! I really need them because reading for me is effort-full and so trying to read the whole of what I’ve written in one go, never mind one week, boggles my mind. When I did try, my mind simply balked. Gotta obey the boss, you know.

So now, I have no more excuses, time to get Christmas prepping.

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