The Job Sessions are Completed

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I have completed my series on Job with the addition of the fifth and sixth sessions. At last! This Old Testament book of poetry from the Bible is both difficult and compelling. It’s like a friend to suffering people everywhere, yet hides its treasure in long, inscrutable lines of poetry. I have been living with Job since about October 2008. At first I just wanted to read and understand it for myself; then I got fed up with the tripe written about it and wanted to write an outline; then I was going to assist my Pastor in a short bible study on it; and then all of a sudden, I’m doing most of the study and writing an online series on it!

I’ve updated my Essays page with links to every session in the series. Please check it out.

It has expanded my mind, and I’m pretty sure helped some of my reading and thinking neurons reconnect as I thought on Job’s friends, Job himself, and that windbag Elihu. Starting with the first Session, it has also opened up new ways of seeing and playing with my photographs, much to my surprise. It was emotional, aggravating, challenging, and supremely rewarding. But now it’s over. I’m glad. Each poem, each book has its time in one’s life, sometimes once, sometimes more than once, but rarely continuously. I’m not sure what’s next. Until I find out, I’m going to have fun with my photos.

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