Third Session on Book of Job Now Uploaded

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Well, I’m getting into the swing of writing these Sessions on the Book of Job (in the Old Testament of the Bible) and have now uploaded Session Three, which is on Job’s response to his friends’ speeches and to his suffering. As I mentioned earlier on this blog, I am writing a series of sessions on the Book of Job in the Bible, to guide people when they are reading it or studying it, as it is a long and complex piece of poetry. I’ve previously uploaded an introductory article, the first session, and the second session.

Each session includes a handout in PDF, interactive modules, a place to leave feedback, my own images representing the characters, and in this session, two videos. All of which I hope will help you see and understand the text (mine and Job’s). I’m working on the next session now on Elihu. I’ll post a notice when it’s online. Please check them out. I’d love to know what you think!

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