Poems Both Inspire and Suck

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When I started the poem-a-day challenge, my only concern was whether I’d be able to write a few poems. Thirty days’ worth of poems seemed almost unreachable. Well, I’ve surprised myself and am one day away from achieving this goal! The prompts helped a lot. I doubt I could have come up with that many poem ideas in a year — well, I know I couldn’t as I haven’t — never mind 30 days. And I think writing poetically intensively like this will help my writing a lot over the next little while. But what I didn’t expect was how the poems would suck all my writing juices dry. I managed to blog a little at first, but it’s been going down steadily as the month progressed. Twittering, on the other hand, has been largely unaffected, proving that writing 140 characters of the off-the-cuff thoughts is not all that hard.

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