The Jeejeebhoy Website Revamp is Complete!

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OK, I think I’m done. For now. My website revamp, that is.

I’ve personalized sidebars for posts and pages. I’ve learnt the banner at the top is as wide as it’s allowed to be. (I still haven’t figured out header customization for the blank part.) I’ve streamlined the navigation via the top menu and the categories underneath. I’ve customized SmoothGallery to feature the posts I want my readers to be able to access at any time; plus showcasing the photos I like. I’ve started featuring my videos, not just the book trailer for Lifeliner. On the Home Page I show off my most recent Flickr photos while on individual post pages I have Flickr set to show random photos from the last three years. Some suck, while a few have received thousands of views. They all get equal, random treatment. The only thing I may change is the graphic for my other blog on the Home Page. Some may not realise it’s clickable and will take you to my other blog. But I am done, for now. The best part is that Safari users no longer have problems viewing it!

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