Brand New Website for Brand New Year

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I’m trying to eat my cake and have it too. Wanting to start off my first free year on a fresh foot, I just about killed myself today looking for a new theme, one I could customize, that would feature both my writing and my photography and maybe down the road my videography, and that would have drop down menus out of the box. You have no idea how hard those are to code!

Well, I chose this one in the end. A gloriously rich theme, it’s so customizable, one could remain glued to the computer for days — and have a very sore butt in the process. It has the drop down menus — which typically don’t work in IE6, but I’m past caring at this point — I’ll figure it out later. It allows me to showcase my photos while at the same time having my writing up front. But there are some strange problems like the sidebar appearing and then disappearing from the side and ending up at the bottom in the Firefox browser. Huh? They seem alright in IE6! Go figure. I don’t like the font for the title, and I would like my banner back. But I gotta tweak that to fit this theme before I can put it back up.

I’ll be spending the next few…ok, many…days getting this to look and work to my liking. By changing the way my content is presented, this will change the whole way I use this website. It should be more interesting for you and for me. Please be patient as I go through these new growing pains. The end result shall be worth it, I’m sure!

My Duck logo walking on my books in pink and blue shading.



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