Beginning The New Year

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The New Year began with a heart attack — ack, couldn’t see anything on my website but my home page — and shock — someone rated Lifeliner on the Chapters website. Whoo hoo!

Luckily, tech support actually understood the website snafu, and we resolved it. In the process, I’ve learnt some errors are inscrutable and just have to be tolerated and others can be guarded against by backing up my posts. Do it every day, the tech support guy said over the phone. Well, that might be a bit too anal for someone who doesn’t post every day. But definitely after every post… except this one as I have just backed up my database and logged out. After the next one, for sure!

It dawned on me late New Year’s Eve that this is the very first year that I will not be facing more lawsuit shenanigans, more visits to quacks, more lawyer’s meetings; I will no longer be subject to dicks following me; I do not have the usual bad news about my situation hanging over my head. It’s all over! No matter what happens this year, at least I begin it as a free woman.

It’s an awesome thing to face a year sans insurers batting you around. The possibilities are endless. But I think I’ll stick to modest goals, or as rehab called them, SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely — how do I remember? easy, the tip page is above my desk). And the first one is to put into storage everything I thought I might need as evidence. I’m such a pack rat that I won’t actually chuck it. But out of sight for me is out of mind, and that’s good.

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