Getting Lifeliner into the Toronto Public Library

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I was talking to an enthusiastic reader of Lifeliner the other day, and he told me he went to the largest library branch in Toronto to put in a request for my book. Apparently, when the Toronto Public Library doesn’t carry a book and a reader wants to borrow a copy that doesn’t exist on their shelves, the reader fills out a request form. He told me all he had to do was ask at the desk of his local branch. Enough readers fill out enough forms, and voilà, the TPL orders a copy. The same system may hold true for other libraries.

So if you or people you know would like to read Lifeliner, but prefer to borrow a copy from the library than buy one from the bookstore, all you have to do is trot down to your local library, ask for Lifeliner: The Judy Taylor Story by Shireen Jeejeebhoy; when they say they don’t have it, ask for the request form and fill it in. Hopefully, if enough people do this in short order, you won’t have to wait long for that call from the library that your book is in.

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