Fundraiser Day

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Saturday dawned beautiful. Clouds painted white streaks high across the sky, a sky coloured a deep vibrant blue that we haven’t seen in awhile. People emptied out of their homes to soak up the warm sun and be refreshed by the breeze moving through their light jackets and sweaters. Some flocked to nurseries, others into their gardens, in a belated Victoria Day orgy of gardening. Some lounged in cafés, checking out the street action. And many were the street action: young couples holding hands, large groups ogling buildings usually closed to the public or learning about the city’s trees, families with hefty strollers and kids running around and very pregnant mamas. Meanwhile, the stores were quiet. Waves of people came into Marilyn’s, looked around, and left again. And in between the waves, all was quiet. Not too many shopped, for a good day outside means poor sales inside. Still, for the first time in my life I saw a serious shopper in action. Dedicated, single-minded, she tried on top after blouse after dress with no slowing down for what seemed like the whole afternoon, but I’m sure was only a couple of hours. Boyfriend finally got frazzled; she quit with only a medium-sized wardrobe of clothes. Impressive.

Not too many were that interested in the fundraising aspect of my book sale/signing at Marilyn’s on May 24th. As one lady told me, every time she turns around someone has their hand out for money. If not cancer, then heart and stroke, or the homeless. Those who bought, decided quickly; many looked interested but hemmed and hawed until they said they’d buy later. Apparently, my John Hancock isn’t all that valuable. Imagine! The biggest surprise for me is that everyone who stopped by my table at Marilyn’s were surprised that I was the author.

By the time I left, the defibrillator fund at Marilyn’s had begun. Marilyn is still stocking a few copies of Lifeliner for sale in her store at 200 Spadina Avenue, and $3.00 from every sale will continue to go towards the fund.

My Duck logo walking on my books in pink and blue shading.



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