Mentioned on AM740!

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Fantastic news: Marilyn Wetston kindly talked about my book twice this morning on her Sunday radio show From a Woman’s Perspective on AM740 in Toronto. Nicknamed “The Wardrobe Doctor,” Marilyn runs a fashion store, appears on the radio (including Internet radio) and television, and writes for a large variety of Canadian and Ontario print media.

I got to know her because my mother decided I needed new clothes. She took me to see Marilyn at her busy and unique wholesale-retail store on Spadina Avenue in the heart of the fashion district, got talking about my book Lifeliner with Marilyn, and the next thing I knew Marilyn said she had a sudden opening on her Mother’s Day show and generously offered to mention my book.

She is the first Canadian media personality since my book was published to talk about it, and I am over the moon!

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