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I’m pleased to announce that I’ve joined AuthorNation, a place for authors, writers, poets, and their readers. I’ve already received a warm welcome from community members, and I like what it offers. But it’s more than just a place to promote Lifeliner. It’s well designed and set up to read new stuff easily, and, for writers, to create a bookstore of sorts. Plus it’s free! My only quibble is if you know someone’s in the community and search on their last name, you may not easily find them. My user name doesn’t include my last name (too many letters to type), just my first, so searching on “Jeejeebhoy” gets you nada. You’d have to know somebody’s user name to find them. (To find me, click here.)

For readers, it’s a great place to find new writing, new authors or writers, photos and related videos, to create a network, and to participate in forums and a point-counterpoint blog. I’ve barely begun to learn how to use all its features, and, as usual, keeping involved with all the reading that’s part of it is going to be a challenge! However, I gotta get myself out there, so even baby steps are better than no steps!

Join to view more of my writing, latest book talk, author events, and meet a network of enthusiastic readers.

The online community for authors, writers, poets and their readers.

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