How to Autograph Your Book

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Writers write, right? So you’d think they’d have plenty to say about the book signing thing. Wrong. For starters, it took me several attempts to try and find any advice on what pen to use, and I ended up asking the associate at Loomis and Toles. Then forget trying to Google the question, “How to autograph your book?” or variations thereof. You’ll get references on autographing your book or, even better, autograph books, but not much about what people actually write. This is when the popular media really helps.

I was watching the Rick Mercer Report the other day and guess what popped up into the scene: Jean Chretien and Mercer autographing their books! Mercer just signed his full name. Chretien wrote “Best wishes” and signed his full name. I’m not a Chretien fan, but I liked that little extra.

Then I’m reading the comics today, and lo and behold For Better or For Worse’s storyline this week is of Mike autographing his books! Today, I learnt what not to do.

So in a nutshell fellow writers, use either the Pilot Hi-tecpoint V5 grip gel pen or the Prismacolor Premier pen to sign your books. I was told the gel pen is better for autograph sessions when the pen can remain uncapped and unused for awhile when readers engage you in conversation. They both come in a range of colours, so don’t be afraid to get creative and sign in purple instead of the usual blue. Don’t parrot mindlessly in your signature what the reader says — that can lead to interesting double entendres. And sign your full name, or if your name is really long, just your first name. After all your full name is going to be right above your autograph in nicely rendered type.

My Duck logo walking on my books in pink and blue shading.



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