Ordering Books

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I’ve had some feedback that Chapters or Indigo said they don’t stock the book and will not. Then they ask the customer to order it online.

Any bookstore in the Indigo chain will order a book on request, but may suggest online shopping as a quicker and easier way to get the book. However, it’s not true that it will not be stocked. As a Publisher’s Choice author, I will have my book stocked in an Indigo store, and it will spread out to other stores in the chain IF it does well in the 60 days it’s in stock. Unfortunately, I have not heard yet when Indigo will stock it and which store. I will definitely let subscribers know as well as post it on the website home page when I do!

(P.S. This post is also serving as a test for seeing if my website is finally sending out post notifications automatically as I’ve had some trouble since upgrading.)

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