My First Amazon Review

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I’ve received my first Amazon review! It’s on the UK Amazon site, and I’m still chuffed about it!! It was strange to see four stars all lit up for something of mine and awfully humbling to read what he wrote.

I’ve always liked to see how readers interpret my stories, and it’s no different for the book. The reviewer’s last line, for me, was unexpected: “…and a shout of encouragement to doctors who _dare_ to try.” As usual, a reader sees something that I didn’t consciously think of but was probably in the back of my mind, which proves my idea that a published work is not complete until it is read. It’s also why I’m loathe to discuss what I was thinking when I wrote such-and-such, unless I think the reader is really, really off base! I figure everything I wanted to say is written down. That probably makes me one of those annoying authors who drive people nuts in their refusal to discuss their work(s)! Ah well. I may change.

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