I’m on Amazon!

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Holy cow, I’m on Amazon! And I haven’t even seen my own copies yet. I’m supposed to keep it all hush-hush — yeah, right, like that’s working out well — until I see my own copies to ensure there are no printer errors. But now Amazon.com, bless them, has put three copies up for sale — three in-stock-copies, wow! — Amazon.ca has listed it and shown the better Canadian price — whoo hoo at our soaring dollar! — and interestingly enough Amazon.co.uk has in stock four paperback copies and five hard covers. More hard covers than paperbacks? I guess the Brits prefer their books with more polish. Isn’t it ironic that only the Canadian site shows it as listed but not in stock? Rather typical, I think. More evidence of that is the fact that Chapters.Indigo.ca has not listed it yet; Amazon, an American company, has beaten them to it.

So what to do? What to do? Hold off telling people about it for another week, about the time it’ll take before I see my own copies, or start blaring from the rooftops by signing up as an Amazon affiliate and putting badges all over my site? I’m going for blaring! I can always blame my brain injury for lack of impulse control on this!!

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