Pandemic Stages Are Like Brain Injury Stages

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The longer this pandemic grinds on, the more similarities I see with how my brain injury recovery went. It’s so sad that physicians and rehabilitation haven’t innovated in the last two decades to change those stages. I wrote my latest post for Psychology Today on this topic, on how a concussion, or COVID-19, devastates us…

Pain Focus in Medicine

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Because medical professionals focus on pain rather than healing its cause, patients learn to talk about pain in order to get help.

Medicine Must Collaborate to End the Pandemic

The siloed practice of medicine has lead to a terrible pandemic response. The Swiss Cheese model of preventing COVID-19 transmission demonstrates the power of whole-picture thinking.

Three-Week Concussion Treatment Update

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The horror fest of concussion recovery, a job nobody wants, contains dramatic improvements. As I continue the treatment protocol I outlined in my last post, my reading is almost back to normal. I doubled my reading time on Sunday to 16 minutes without experiencing dizziness or nausea. Unfortunately, a concentration headache comes on with reading…