Concussion Is Brain Injury

Treating the Neurons and Me

Front Cover Concussion Is Brain Injury: Treating the Neurons and Me

In 2000, two drivers slammed into the car Shireen Jeejeebhoy was in. Her brain bounced inside her skull; the person she'd been died. This is her journey of searching for treatments to heal her dead neurons and herself. This is her message: you are not alone.

Reviews:Amazon Customer on Amazon Canada wrote:

Beautifully written first person account of life after a brain injury. This is one of those "hidden" conditions; many people with brain injuries look fine. It's easy to dismiss them and their concerns. Shireen describes in detail the changes in her life after her brain injury, her family's reaction (spoiler alert: not helpful!), and the extensive treatment regimen that finally helped improve her functioning. This is a must read for anyone with a brain injury and anyone who is close to someone with a brain injury.

quirru on Amazon wrote:

Concussion in brain injury: Treating the Neurons and Me by Shireen Jeejeebhoy This book is about a medical condition that develops after a head trauma where the brain hit the skull backward and forward getting injured in several parts and the name of the condition is concussion, the brain get swollen because of the trauma but as it is inside the skull that is a rigid bone if the swollen gets too big you can even die because of the trauma if it is not immediately attended or not attended at all. The author here is a photographer, blogger, and author, she lives in Toronto and he wrote this book because she had a concussion, here she tells us all she has to pass and suffer to be able to recover herself from that brain trauma, she does this in a magnificent way because she recovered from this and make a research, even in the last part of the book she give us scientific bibliography about the concussion and everything around it. The book is divided into chapters where some are like a novel because she is telling us her thoughts through this nightmare and then other chapters that are more like science information, like the ones about the cerebral waves and then chapters that are to give encouragement and advice to those who suffer from the same condition. A very brave woman.

Mia C. on Amazon wrote:

“Concussion Is Brain Injury: Treating the Neurons and Me” is a book written by Shireen Jeejeebhoy, Canadian author. This is a book with almost five hundred pages, so it takes a while to read but is absolutely interesting.
This book tells the story of the author itself who had a concussion and was not treated accordingly because concussions are believed to be milder than they are. This book has the main purpose of information but it also tells how she had to deal with it and insert herself again into society. Moreover, Shireen gives hope to people who suffered the same as she did. So it is mainly aimed to those who had a concussion.
I liked this reading I found it to be really interesting and informative. I would certainly recommend reading this.

astrofan on Amazon wrote:

One of the issues with dealing with something that has gone wrong with the brain is the idea that problems that happen "in your head" can't be an actual, physical problem with the brain. This book does a good job of addressing that by discussing the author's real-world experience with a concussion that was not taken seriously. If you're expecting a scientific look at concussions, you may be disappointed because this isn't that. This is simply one person's experience with a brain injury that was not treated properly. Though it's tough to dismiss the experience when, in the real world outside of the research laboratory, you sometimes have to be the "Karen" in order for people to take your real and valid problems seriously. Overall, a very good read.

Corrie M. on Amazon wrote:

Concussion Is Brain Injury: Treating the Neurons and Me is a fascinating story of concussions and the real effects that they have on everyday life. The author, Shireen Jeejeebhoy, tells about a concussion from a car crash and how it affected her life in so many different aspects. I have seen in my line of work that concussions are often treated as temporary problems, but it is refreshing to see an author speak about the long term effects and the havoc that a concussion can create in ones life. Very well told and I believe that the first hand experience makes the information sink in even more. Great book, highly recommend to anyone because concussions can happen at any moment.

Mariuca Asavoaie on Amazon wrote:

Even though this book might seem like a scientific one, Shireen Jeejeebhoy manages to tell us her story about recovering after serious physical and psychological trauma. Her psychological healing, in my opinion, was done just by expressing her feelings and her journey for others to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The concussion is not something to joke about and it requires a lot of patience from the patient, but also a lot of support from his or her loved ones.