Shane Porteous

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Put simply this is the best urban fantasy story that I have ever read period. From word one I was hooked into this tale, possessed by it if you will. I found myself more than once looking over my shoulder convinced that someone or rather something was watching me waiting for its opportunity to enter my world. You feel haunted as you are reading the pages of “She” like something just isn’t right, like you are entering a world that you really don’t want to enter.

In other words, you feel exactly how the main character feels. “She” is written with a pace that makes you feel every single word combined with hauntingly beautiful descriptions to forge a story that is anything but forgettable. That is the mark of a truly talented writer, someone who tells a story that you feel as opposed to reading words on a cold piece of paper.

One of the greatest attributes of “She” (One of many I might add) is how mysterious everything is within its pages. Considering that this story is done in the real world that is quite an accomplishment.

I could continue on with many more praises and compliments but I think I have gotten my point across. “She” is a tale that will entice from the very first word right to the very last.

Shane Porteous
30 June 2011
5-star Review on Smashwords