Olle Ljungqvist, MD, PhD and Claude Pichard, MD, PhD

This book tells the story of a woman who survived solely on artificial nutrition from the days when this treatment was still being developed. The Judy Taylor story has been told by some of the pioneers in this important field of medicine to convince fellow doctors of the possibilities to save lives previously doomed. Most importantly, it is written from the patient’s point of view, making it an important read not least for the professionals in health care.

Olle Ljungqvist, MD, PhD and
Claude Pichard, MD, PhD, Head, Clinical Nutrition,
Geneva University Hospital
from Editorial, “Inspired by the pioneers: The lesson of the Judy Taylor story”
Clinical Nutrition (2008) 27, 319-320

At the time of this review, Dr. Ljungqvist was Chairman of European Society for Clinical Nutritiona and Metabolism and Professor of Surgery, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden