I’ve published a number of articles on topics from chocolate to the Book of Job to getting started on CafePress. This list will be regularly updated as I publish new articles. Check back to see what’s new!

  • Convert Your Old Analogue TV to Digital
    With the US, Canada, and many other countries switching to all-digital broadcast of its television channels, old TV sets will no longer be able to bring in over-the-air signals. This article explains how to convert your existing TV to bring in the new super-clear digital channels.
  • Receive Free HDTV
    If you don’t have an old TV but are interested in receiving the best high-definition TV for free, this article explains the how-to of installation, compares it to cable or satellite, and lists the channels available in the Toronto area.
  • How to Autograph Your Book
    A practical guide for new authors unsure about this whole book signing thing
  • Starting a CafePress Shop
    A how-to guide for setting up and adding products to a Basic Shop in CafePress
  • A Nibble of Chocolate, the ebook
    This ebook is divided into three parts, based on my original three articles. Part One: A brief history and nutritional look at this amazing vegetable, illustrated by my fave chocolate shot. Part Two:  all about cocoa butter. Plus it has a recipe! Part Three: a look at the fat-burning wonders of cocoa. Easily read this ebook on your smartphone, iPod Touch, iPad, or eReader in any format you desire.
  • The Job Sessions: Why Do The Innocent Suffer?, the ebook
    As a result of my studies in Job in the Old Testament of the Bible, I’ve created a series of sessions packaged in one ebook. This guide is designed to help readers understand and be transformed by this powerful book of poetry. Job speaks to sufferers everywhere, yet it can be difficult to read. To help people see the story, I’ve interspersed handouts, images, videos, and interactive modules throughout the guide.The ebook comprises several sessions. It begins with an introductory article on why I read Job and why I wrote these sessions. Includes references. Session One: the backdrop to Job’s suffering, the two main questions the book asks, and covers Chapters One to Three. Session Two: looks at Job’s three friends who came to comfort him and ended up being “miserable comforters.” Anyone who’s had friend issues or wishes to help someone in trouble will find this invaluable. Session Three: looks at Job’s response to his friends and his suffering. Through his words, he is an advocate for the sufferer today. Note: This was deleted by Squidoo for unknown reasons. An ebook of this entire series is in the works. Session Four: we turn to Elihu, a windbag or the man who paves the way for God, depending on how one reads the text. Session Five: at last God answers Job. This session covers his two speeches and Job’s response to them. Epilogue: God restores Job and something surprising happens.

Note: I wrote the following series on switching from Windows to Ubuntu, a Linux-based operating system (OS), on Squidoo, but it was taken down. If readers demand, I’ll put it back up on this website.

With so many finding Windows expensive, in constant need of disruptive security updates, and hogging system resources, more and more people are looking for alternatives. Ubuntu is Dell’s Linux OS of choice, and it’s one I’ve found easy to set up and a treat to use, even on a multimedia machine like the Sony Vaio. I wanted to share my developing knowledge of Ubuntu.

  • Going Ubuntu on a Sony Vaio: The Decision
    Should I install Ubuntu or use the default Windows Vista this laptop came with?
  • Going Ubuntu: The Installation
    Installing Ubuntu on the Sony Vaio CR-420D laptop
  • Going Ubuntu: Getting Started
    Becoming acquainted with the look of Ubuntu’s desktop and with the installed-with applications (programs).
  • Going Ubuntu: Having Fun with Nifty Applications
    Ubuntu is more than just an open-source operating system; it’s the beginning of some computer fun. Screenlets (widgets) and notes are just the beginning.
  • Going Ubuntu: Updating and Upgrading
    A discussion of how easy it is to update Ubuntu, unlike Windows, and the pitfalls of the semi-annual upgrade.
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