Table of Contents


Chapter One — Back in One Hour
Chapter Two — Shunts!
Chapter Three — Surgeries and Starvation
Chapter Four — Dr. Cowboy
Chapter Five — Garbage-Bag Dressings
Chapter Six — Let Judy Die
Chapter Seven — “I Could Be Pushing Up Daisies”
Chapter Eight — Judy’s Inspiration
Chapter Nine — The Langer Line
Chapter Ten — Christmas
Chapter Eleven — Tests and More Tests
Chapter Twelve — Easter Tidings
Chapter Thirteen — Going Home with Lester
Chapter Fourteen — A Different Kind of Dinnertime
Chapter Fifteen — Supply Run
Chapter Sixteen — Essential Fat
Chapter Seventeen — Barbecue Season
Chapter Eighteen — The Bliss of Life
Chapter Nineteen — JJ, the Guinea Pig
Chapter Twenty — Chromium Deficiency and the Swedish Professor
Chapter Twenty-One — At the Police Station
Chapter Twenty-Two — More Family Trouble
Chapter Twenty-Three — Death Creeps Close
Chapter Twenty-Four — Sweden
Chapter Twenty-Five — Breaking Bones, Falling Hair
Chapter Twenty-Six — LifelineLetter Award
Chapter Twenty-Seven — Dr. Cowboy, Where Are You?
Chapter Twenty-Eight — Despair
Chapter Twenty-Nine — The Battle Is Done
Chapter Thirty — Resurrection

Chapter Notes
List of Interviewees