Anything to do with my first book “Lifeliner” a biography.

Aug 192014

Distraction therapy is a time-honoured, doctor-endorsed way to cope with pain of all kinds, chronic illness, lifelong injuries, basically 24/7 health problems that drive you bonkers if you don’t find some way to separate your mind from them even if it’s only doable for a minute. Judy Taylor, the woman who couldn’t eat and suffered […]

Mar 032014
Smashwords Winter/Summer Sale = Free Ebooks

“At one minute past midnight Pacific time on March 2, the special Smashwords Read an Ebook Week promotion catalogue goes live on the Smashwords home page.  Readers can browse the catalogue and search by coupon code levels and categories.  At the stroke of midnight Pacific time at the end of the day on March 8, […]

Dec 262012
Boxing Week Ebook Sale

Get my first five ebooks for FREE, only during Boxing Week 2012! All available in all the main ebook formats: ePub, Kindle, PDF.   Enter coupon code SA96J to receive Lifeliner for free on Smashwords. Enter coupon code MK92E to receive She for free on Smashwords. Enter coupon code VX88P to receive Eleven Shorts +1 […]

Mar 042012
Read An E-Book Week Is Here And So Are Hot Deals On My E-Books!

March 4 to 10 is Read An E-Book Week! To celebrate, Smashwords is running a promotion all week, and I’m pleased to announce that I’ve enrolled all my ebooks in it. To participate as a reader, all you have to do is go to Smashwords, choose any or all of my ebooks, enter the appropriate […]

Jul 022011
Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale of “Lifeliner” and “She” Now On!

It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and winter for friends in the Southern Hemisphere. In honour of that, Smashwords is kicking off their third annual Summer/Winter Sale, and they invited authors to participate. I answered their invitation with a resounding “Yes!” Lifeliner and She will both be fifty percent off their regular price. And as […]

Jun 212011
My Ebooks Are Going Out Into The World

I’m pleased to announce that my newest title She is now available at the awesome price of $2.99 in the Amazon Kindle store, along with my first book Lifeliner. Purchasing a Kindle ebook on Amazon is fast and easy with the 1-Click Buy button. You can also give She or Lifeliner or both as a […]

May 132011
Lifeliner: Podcast 29, 30, And Epilogue

Jeej leaves the country on business, and Judy fades. She’s had a longer life than she’d ever thought possible back in 1970, and she decides it’s time to say good-bye. Yet death is not the end. And her life is not the beginning and end of TPN. Her example, her courage, her life inspired others […]

May 072011
Lifeliner: Podcast 28, Despair

Cliff finds Judy dying in Toronto General Hospital. Panicked, he phones Jeej at his home. Jeej is astounded, but advises Cliff to transfer her to St. Michael’s Hospital if he wants him to look after her. Within hours, Judy is at the Queen Street hospital, and Jeej is there with his residents and the nurses. […]

May 062011
Lifeliner: Podcast 27, Dr. Cowboy, Where Are You?

Some change is not good. Judy’s doctor, the man who saved her life and kept her alive for almost two decades, has moved to a new hospital. Worse, the TPN program did not move with him because Toronto General Hospital fought for and won the battle to keep it. While Jeej works to train people […]

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