Review: Odd Hours

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Odd Hours
Odd Hours by Dean Koontz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I don’t like horror. I don’t like horror movies, horror books, things that go creepy crawly in the night or black daytime, aiming for your life and limbs. Yet I like the Odd Thomas series. I don’t know why…

I read this book awhile ago, but seeing as there’s a new one on the horizon, I thought it was a good time to remind myself of what happened in his last adventure and reread it — in broad daylight, of course — and I was reminded of why I like this series. It’s the character of Odd, his philosophy, his way of looking at things, the way he narrates, and how he succeeds while quivering all the while. He’s human, likable, and with a depth of thought that can get you reflecting…or not. Either way is left up to the reader.

If you haven’t read the series, this is not the book to begin with. You must start with the first book in the series because though the plots are self-contained, the character grows. And this series is all about the character Odd.

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