Something Different in Gamma Brainwave Biofeedback

“Can I videotape my brainwaves?” I asked my trainer. “Sure!” she said, and I handed her my iPhone, gleeful thoughts of finally getting to play with iMovie dancing in my head. I’ve been in a bit of a blogging funk lately. At the same time, I’ve told lots of people about the neurofeedback I do, […]


The Soft Launch of SHE

She is out. She is published. Yay! It’s rather unbelievable that my fantasy novel finally is. Right now, I am doing a soft launch of the eBook. I had read about this method of launching a book awhile ago and thought it a good idea. Basically, I upload the final DOC file to Smashwords, which […]


Last Day Lifeliner eBook on Sale!

To finish the old year with a flourish, I have put Lifeliner on sale. Only $2.99! An inspirational story about a woman who suffered the catastrophic loss of all her bowels but whooped it up for another 20 years without eating a morsel, it is gripping readers all around the world. It will light up […]

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