My #elxn41 Experience

It’s almost 2:00 am as I begin to write this, the morning of May 3rd, and I’m watching the local election results and now the BC election results on CBC. It’s been one of those elections that are so unexpected that even though I’m not happy with the Conservative Party majority, I’m finding it hard […]


Capt. Trevor Greene Points to the Future of Brain Injury Recovery

Reader’s Digest. Canadian edition. Capt. Trevor Greene. Axe in head. Remarkable recovery. Against all odds. Miracle. Not. I really shouldn’t read these kinds of stories; they just put me in a bad mood, and I have to admit I tossed the Digest down after it asked the question of how Greene did it — why […]


Last Day Lifeliner eBook on Sale!

To finish the old year with a flourish, I have put Lifeliner on sale. Only $2.99! An inspirational story about a woman who suffered the catastrophic loss of all her bowels but whooped it up for another 20 years without eating a morsel, it is gripping readers all around the world. It will light up […]

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