Dec 072012

I hated this upside down planet. The planet’s infrared light was beating down, no up, on my face as I walked along the ceiling-ground looking for my group, wondering how the blood wasn’t rushing into my head. I thirsted for water, for rain. A tree appeared in the distance. As I dragged myself closer, I […]

Oct 142012

Zebras don’t wear overcoats. That’s what I thought when a Zebra clip-clopped towards me from the outer door wearing an olive drab waterproof hooded overcoat that draped down to his knees. I stopped mopping and stepped forward into a missed manure spot to get a closer look. The Zebra shook his head until his hood […]

Nov 152009

One of my favourite memories of winter was when the snow first fell and Santa Claus came to town. I wrote this short, memory-story for an e-mail course I took to relearn how to write back in 2003. It took place on a day like today, many years ago, when Santa Claus came to Toronto, […]

Jun 122009
Chopper Trip into the St. Elias Mountain Range, Yukon

So we’re driving along the Alaska Highway in the middle of nowhere, literally. Not the usual definition of nowhere, where there’s still a town just down the road or a shack that-a-way. No, this is nowhere. No other cars for long periods of time, no shacks, no people, no nothing. And then all of a […]

Jun 302008

Forty years, four months, and fourteen days ago, I landed at Toronto International Airport with my mother, my baby brother, and my teddy bear. My father was waiting to greet us, as he had been in the country for one month already, starting work, finding a place to live. Thirty-five years, four months, and fourteen […]

Jun 022008

When you first go to writing school, that is, creative writing courses or workshops, they don’t tell you about the marketing side of the business. They don’t tell you that writing is only the beginning, that after the fun stuff comes the business stuff, that if you want to sell your books or stories or […]

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