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Apr 022014

The bald eagles Launch from the bleached Pole trees and Soar up and up over The head of the photographer below. Sixteen in all. Click, click, click She captures them oblivious And smiles to see them free and together Before turning away for the long trek home oblivious To their sharp eyes on her watching […]

Jun 232011

Life. Hills of disappointment. Mirages of fusion                happiness        good news.

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Apr 222011

It’s Good Friday When the hordes Demanded blood Not theirs but another’s For the sin of uttering words They didn’t want to hear For not uttering the words They wanted to hear Words that rang, that sang, that clanged In their heads Of a Reality that doesn’t exist. It’s Good Friday When the people Demanded […]

Sep 072010
Humans Did That

Wings of flowing air Amaze me As they roll with flair In the sky And fly Straight Past Their engines roaring, their blades turning Fast, oh so fast. Humans did that.

Feb 212010

February. In the old days, snow so deep    you sunk up to your knees, slipped and slid       on the unshovelled walks. February. In the new days, no snow,    that counts anyway. February. In the old days, cold so sharp   you huddled in your fur coat, your wool coat,     your scarf […]

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Aug 052009

A hard-yet-easy poetry prompt for this Wednesday by Robert Brewer for Poetic Asides. It’s the hard things that happen to us that lend themselves most easily to poetry, not necessarily to writing good poetry but just writing it period. “…write a poem about something you’ve been through. For instance, you may have been through a […]

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Jun 182009

I started by wanting to put together a video of my helicopter trip over the Kaskawulsh Glacier near Vulcan Mountain, the one I took when I was visiting the Yukon. But something wasn’t adding up, and then I realised it needed words. I found a poem from my poem-a-day challenge that fits with what these […]

Jun 172009

Today’s poetry challenge on Poetic Asides blog was what would you do if you suddenly got a million dollars. I know what I’d do! “Lightness” Million dollars flutter down;my shoulders unburdenfrom the debt. Technorati Tags: Poetry

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