Reviews on my first book “Lifeliner” a biography.

Nov 152017

As I entered the creative halls of NaNoWriMo, Kirkus Reviews shot me an email saying the review on Concussion Is Brain Injury is done. Nervously, I clicked the link and read: “A brush with a life-threatening accident spurs a writer to investigate the “hidden epidemic” of debilitating brain trauma.” Nice first line! I like that […]

Nov 142011

“I found this novel very difficult to put down.” Another review of my novel She has hit the web! ReaderViews, an American company that specializes in book reviews, just published a review of She on their website. Their reviewer Paige Lovitt wrote: “What if you are traveling down a dark road one night and suddenly […]

Jan 192009

Almost a year ago, I submitted Lifeliner to the 16th Annual Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards. I recently heard from them, much to my surprise. Unfortunately, my book “was not among the winners.” That’s a nice way to put it; they gave me a participation certificate. The winners will not be announced publicly until […]

Apr 022008

The Midwest Book Review was established in 1976 and “publishes several monthly publications for community and academic library systems in California, Wisconsin, and the upper Midwest.” Among those publications is MBR Bookwatch, and you won’t believe whose book ended up in the March 2008 issue? You got it: mine! “The MBR Bookwatch is a monthly […]

Mar 252008

Lifeliner recently garnered praise in a review by Ernest Dempsey. First posted on Babelation, the review appears on Book Corner, along with links to my book trailer and website. Dempsey starts his review, “One thing a good inspirational book achieves is making its readers realize the worth of life and the state of living just […]

Feb 142008
And The American Midwest Notices Lifeliner Too!

A television station out on the plains of the United States picked up a review of Lifeliner and published it on its website. I’m amazed — as in, just-not-taking-it-in-very-quickly-as-it’s-so-unexpected, in a good way — that a station in Omaha, a city in the US, not Canada, has decided to showcase a review on my book!

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