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Oct 222007

I received the Marketing Toolkit today from iUniverse. It’s a cornucopia of pre-designed postcards, bookmarks, posters, buttons…the list goes on! I’m overwhelmed!! It comes with a large instruction booklet for how to use the materials and to have them printed professionally, each on a certain kind of paper. This is familiar territory to me as […]

Oct 172007

What a day! From the high of receiving my final proofs to the low of seeing two stupid errors to the relief of my PSA saying send the changes in and we’ll fix them. The spelling of the award Judy received really challenges my brain. I have to check the spelling every single time I […]

Oct 092007

Proofing done! iUniverse sent me PDF files for the paperback cover, the hardcover, and the book block (the internals). They looked very good. I was impressed with how they styled my chapter titles and harmonized the spine and back cover with the front cover. They made one small change to the front cover — my […]

Sep 142007
Front Cover Revealed

The iUniverse Design Services Associate sent me the front cover. Looking good! Now, book production starts in earnest. The book block will be designed, then the text proofread before I see it and review the proofreading changes (hopefully there won’t be many). After that, the book quickly becomes a physical and finished reality. Cannot wait!

Jul 252007

Really pushed myself, and could not wait to take a nice, long break, but I got all the revisions done on time. This is it, folks. This final manuscript is the one you all will read once it’s published. What a nerve-wracking thought, but exciting too! Exciting because it means that from here on, except […]

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