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Jan 112013
Authors Notice Good Editors: What to Look For

Let’s talk editing. I’ve been trained as a copy editor, have edited newsletters for content and grammar, and have had four separate editing experiences as a writer. I also began my publishing career as a proofreader, learnt a bit about graphic design, and was a desktop publisher. I’ve worked on text the traditional way and […]

May 192010

In an attempt to get the eBook version of Lifeliner out to more markets without paying iUniverse a fortune, especially since they are non-responsive to author concerns other than filling up the inbox with marketing e-mail, I’ve decided to use Smashwords. Smashwords will take your MS Word document and convert it to many eBook formats, […]

Mar 102010

I wrote my second book — my first novel She — during National Novel Writing Month last November, revised it and got reader feedback and revised it again during Christmas and January, and then I had to decide: head down the traditional road this time and seek an agent or go back to iUniverse? It […]

Nov 172008

You may remember I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the lack of sales information from iUniverse. Well, today the sales reporting software worked, and I just about choked on my hot chocolate. I called up iUniverse to see if I’d misread the figures, but nope, they were right. To backtrack a bit, so […]

Nov 042008

People ask me how my sales are going, assuming the book is selling fine. Well, to be honest, I have no idea. It wasn’t selling well during the months I do have information for, but iUniverse has a totally f’d up sales reporting system and software. The recent activity sales report launches a PDF file […]

May 052008

Terry Fallis, a fellow Publisher’s Choice and iUniverse author, has won the 2008 Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour, which includes a cash prize. I’d like to point out that he beat traditionally published — and well-known — authors like Douglas Coupland and Will Ferguson to win this coveted prize.

Jan 102008

iUniverse and Chapters Indigo have an arrangement whereby Publisher’s Choice authors have their books stocked on the “Hot and New” table at the front of an Indigo or Chapters store in the author’s hometown for a limited period of time. The author has 8 weeks to prove that he or she can sell the book. […]

Dec 012007

Well, apparently Christmas has put a hitch into the Indigo roll-out schedule. Since bookstores, like all retailers, are drowning at this time of year in orders and sales, iUniverse is holding off submitting fall-release Publisher’s Choice titles to the Chapters Indigo buyer until after the madness ends. In my case, January. That means my book […]

Oct 252007

A momentous day today for me. One process ended today, and that end marked the beginning of a new trail for me. Today my PSA, Michael Fiedler, congratulated me on the end of the production process and then said good-bye. The end of the printer setup of Lifeliner is the end of his time guiding […]

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