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Jan 012018
talk talk talk Blog Looking Snazzy and Modern

talk talk talk — my original blog — has been looking sad and dated for way too long. I put updating it in my endless ToDo list. Publishing Concussion Is Brain Injury: Treating the Neurons and Me moved it from being written in some task app into my head, needling me regularly until finally Christmas […]

Oct 062017
Concussion Is Brain Injury is Published!

“Jeejeebhoy’s tale is highly emotional…uplifting, while giving a realistic view of recovery.” Self-Publishing Review Kind of unbelievable that it’s finally done! Today, good stuff happened. I got my first review of the revised edition from Self-Publishing Review in my inbox — and such a nice review too! They also created a book page for it […]


The Woman Who Could Not Eat

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Jan 032009
The Woman Who Could Not Eat

“Judy sure always had a good time. She arrived with a smile on her and left with a smile.” Click here to see what others are saying about Lifeliner and Judy, the first person to live for 20 years on Total Parenteral Nutrition. Welcome! Thank you for stopping by! It’s good to see you here! […]

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