Brain Biofeedback

My experiences with brain biofeedback or neurofeedback at the ADD Centre

Mar 082016

Sorry about the slowness in getting this post out. CZ SMR retraining is going well. We’re retraining my brain at the top centre of it to produce more brainwaves at the 12–15Hz or SMR range. When you’re calm, relaxed and focused, that’s SMR at the CZ. We’ve done five sessions with two screens of (re)training. […]

Feb 232016
The Beast of Brain Injury Anger Shows Up During Biofeedback

Rage, anger, fury: these are the emotions people with brain injury are excoriated for. While I was in the middle of SMIRB last week, the next client walked in and actually TALKED TO ME! Like, was he blind?! Closed door. Electrode on head. Writing. Apparently, his need to know where the biofeedback trainer was trumped […]

Feb 092016

As I think I mentioned before, we began changing up my brain biofeedback protocol because of the emotional tides sweeping through me as PTSD takes its toll. Honestly, it’s bad enough I have to treat my brain injury to read again, now I have to overcome PTSD too. Humph. Since gamma brainwave enhancement reduces the […]

Jan 092016

Holidays — getting away from my life and the people in it who attack, diss, require me to be normal, live in denial to my detriment, and drain me — are good for my heart rate. First, after I flew to England and now, after I chugged to Ottawa. For the first time on its […]

Dec 202015

This week is my 13th session of brain biofeedback at FP1-F3, left frontal, not too far above the hairline and near a side part. Two weeks ago, not long after my 11th session, my prefrontal cortex woke up, looked around, and said: let’s get busy! At first, it was different but good. All of a […]

Dec 022015

Sometimes it seems like nothing ever changes with my reading; when my neurodoc talks about my great progress, I go feh. You’re too hard on yourself, he says. Maybe. But when I began my reading rehab journey way back in 2000 (and failed or faltered several times on the way since), I began with taking […]

Nov 182015

I told my neurodoc I felt like my reading rehab had stagnated. Yeah, I still get headaches after reading a couple of long paragraphs out loud, using my finger to guide me. But if I take the time and remember to take three deep breaths between paragraphs, I can reduce or slow down the onset. […]

Oct 292015

I inadvertently trained gamma up during my brain biofeedback last week. I knew I had because I felt the pressure underneath the electrode at FP1-F3 and, after, my perception had significantly improved. I was much more aware of my surroundings. I did it again this week, probably because I had figured out how to decrease […]

Oct 222015

My reading recall has improved this past week. Is it a blip or for real? I had a couple of days of feeling nauseated and dizzy on and off. As usual, because it happens irregularly, it took me awhile to go: oh yeah, this happens when my brain is improving. What will it be? I’ll […]