Brain Biofeedback

My experiences with brain biofeedback or neurofeedback at the ADD Centre

Oct 292016

Well, it had to happen some time. I’ve restarted two-thirds of my brain-injury-care appointments. As of this past week, I have returned to using the TTC on my own – solely to get to brain biofeedback. So I’m not exactly using the entire TTC on my own, just one well-practiced route! As expected, it took […]

Oct 152016

Back to biofeedback. I was ready! Well, that was the theory. We’re easing me back in at once every other week schedule. So far, my CNIB orientation mobility trainer has guided and walked with me to it for less and less of the way each time without me actually attending an appointment. This week he […]

Apr 082016

It was extremely difficult not to bounce up and down in my chair, point at the screen, and scream to my brain trainer: “Look! Look! 77!!! My heart rate has dropped down to what it used to be!!! Holy shit, man!” That 77 heart rate lasted maybe a few seconds then it rose up a […]

Apr 012016

I met again with the psychology prof who has helped me discover more pieces to my reading puzzle as I work to unravel why I have so much trouble reading after brain injury. To recap: I have a diffuse injury, and so many areas involved in reading were damaged. But some areas were not. My […]

Mar 082016

Sorry about the slowness in getting this post out. CZ SMR retraining is going well. We’re retraining my brain at the top centre of it to produce more brainwaves at the 12–15Hz or SMR range. When you’re calm, relaxed and focused, that’s SMR at the CZ. We’ve done five sessions with two screens of (re)training. […]

Feb 232016
The Beast of Brain Injury Anger Shows Up During Biofeedback

Rage, anger, fury: these are the emotions people with brain injury are excoriated for. While I was in the middle of SMIRB last week, the next client walked in and actually TALKED TO ME! Like, was he blind?! Closed door. Electrode on head. Writing. Apparently, his need to know where the biofeedback trainer was trumped […]

Feb 092016

As I think I mentioned before, we began changing up my brain biofeedback protocol because of the emotional tides sweeping through me as PTSD takes its toll. Honestly, it’s bad enough I have to treat my brain injury to read again, now I have to overcome PTSD too. Humph. Since gamma brainwave enhancement reduces the […]

Jan 092016

Holidays — getting away from my life and the people in it who attack, diss, require me to be normal, live in denial to my detriment, and drain me — are good for my heart rate. First, after I flew to England and now, after I chugged to Ottawa. For the first time on its […]

Dec 202015

This week is my 13th session of brain biofeedback at FP1-F3, left frontal, not too far above the hairline and near a side part. Two weeks ago, not long after my 11th session, my prefrontal cortex woke up, looked around, and said: let’s get busy! At first, it was different but good. All of a […]