Concussion is Brain Injury

Mar 102016
Crowdfunding for Concussion Is Brain Injury Crawling Along

Crowdfunding is so risky. You’re seeing if anyone is interested in reading your book before you even put it out, or in the case of my biography/memoir Concussion Is Brain Injury, if anyone is interested in reading an update. Many indie authors are excited about crowdfunding, but I always was wary. I’ve taken risks with […]

Mar 082016

Sorry about the slowness in getting this post out. CZ SMR retraining is going well. We’re retraining my brain at the top centre of it to produce more brainwaves at the 12–15Hz or SMR range. When you’re calm, relaxed and focused, that’s SMR at the CZ. We’ve done five sessions with two screens of (re)training. […]

Feb 292016
Launching Crowdfunding for Concussion Is Brain Injury

I’m jumping up and down yet figuratively biting my nails. Today, I’m taking a step I didn’t think I ever would. Today, I’m trying crowdfunding! Oh boy. It’s a big risk because you’re asking people to put their cash towards launching your books out of your computer and into print, to take what only you […]

Feb 222016
Pre-Launch Countdown to Updating Concussion Is Brain Injury

I know, I know, I said I would update Concussion Is Brain Injury regularly, and it’s been three years. Eek! But a brain in flux plus a publishing system in flux equals I’m updating it now. Or hope to! As regular readers may recall, I wrote Concussion Is Brain Injury in 2012 to inspire people, to […]

Jan 262016

As I mentioned last week, I went to see a movie: Concussion. I couldn’t remember what it was about nor did I bother looking it up. So I had no idea what to expect when it began. I liked it. The camera angles, the use of music, the juxtaposition of beauty hiding violence, the suspense […]

Jan 152016

So. My 16th anniversary of the car crash that scattered my life into ashes is now. That crash didn’t only give me a brain injury, it also led to events that gave me PTSD. From my experience, PTSD is a monster that feeds on the worst of human thoughts and beliefs and lifts up a […]

Aug 052014
PTSD, Getting Real, and the Fakery of Being Positive

Your smile and laugh have changed, my brain biofeedback trainer told me today. They’re real, she said. It’s true, I’m not faking emotions nearly as much or using my intellect to boost them to normal levels like I used to have to. She’s known me since 2005, and I’ve gradually been able to laugh more […]

May 272013

Hockey Canada has banned bodychecking at the peewee level, and Don Cherry is outraged. “You’re gonna be sorry. You watch and see, you will be sorry.” (Don Cherry, Coach’s Corner, 25 May 2013) According to the CBC story on The Huffington Post Canada, Cherry concedes that Hockey Canada has good intentions, but as he notes, […]

Apr 292013
Giveaway Time! For Concussion Is Brain Injury!

For the grand finale of my Orangeberry Book Tour of Concussion Is Brain Injury, I’m holding a giveaway for one paperback copy on Goodreads. Enter today before time runs out! Goodreads Book Giveaway Concussion Is Brain Injury by Shireen Jeejeebhoy Giveaway ends May 01, 2013. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win