Oct 242012

Not much new in gamma brain biofeedback land, except that I keep trucking along. And I really need to try and go twice a week again. It isn’t so much my schedule that’s the problem, but my energy levels within my schedule. I will have to figure out a solution!

On the exciting front: my book Concussion is Brain Injury is coming out soon, like, November 30 soon! It’s hard to believe that it will be a reality in less than two months, that all those years of blogging and slogging will soon be paying off in book form. So to give you a tease of what is to come, I’m showing off the cover.

My updated results:

DateBaselineHRVFdbk 1Fdbk 2SMIRBFdbk 3HRV
27 Jun0.830.880.900.900.91
4 Jul0.85 30s0.910.940.8980.900.84 EC
25 Jul0.96 30s1. EC
3 min10 min
7 Aug0.850.9490.950.890.930.92
28 Aug0.980.980.9860.920.970.9340.93 EC
4 Sep0.870.8720.840.8760.920.950.88
26 Sep0.920.910.930.921.12Reading:
Fdbk 1Fdbk 2Fdbk 3SMIRBReading
2 Oct0.9610.930.910.930.980.98
3 Oct0.940.980.920.90.890.980.94
9 Oct0.970.980.970.950.890.960.99
10 Oct0.990.980.920.950.990.960.92
17 Oct0.910.940.950.980.92
24 Oct0.920.980.930.910.920.940.96