Apr 182011

Got Published!
Postmedia News, the news service that supplies content for Postmedia newspapers and websites, as well as canada.com, has launched an online election project at canada.com called “The Real Agenda.” The idea is to publish a wide range of voices from across Canada on what Canadians think our politicians should be talking about on the campaign trail for election 2011. And Postmedia asked me to contribute a piece on health care.

As my regular readers know, I’ve had way too much experience with the health care system in Canada. So my point of view comes from experience, not just what is theory or word of mouth. I’m very pleased to announce that my piece is now live on canada.com:

It’s time to accept private health care clinics

I like very much what they chose as the lift-out to appear under my photograph:

“I would never want U.S.-style medicine here, but the current Canadian way rewards the idiots as much as the geniuses.”

I hope you will check it out now and perhaps contribute your two-cents’ worth to this topic!

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